Study Visa For New Zealand

Study Visa For New Zealand

New Zealand’s educational institutions are well regarded throughout the World. There is a great range of Opportunities available to international students here.

Code of Practice

Pastoral Care of International Students. The Ministry of Education Operates a Code of Practice that provides a framework for Looking after international Students. It covers Pastoral Care,Accommodation and the provision of information.

Working while Studying

You may be allowed to work up to 20 hrs each week and full-time during all scheduled Vacations and/or during the summer vacation period.

Part-time work rights

You can work part-time up to 20 hrs per week if your full-time program of study meets one of the following criteria.

  • It is at least two years in duration.
  • It leads to a New Zealand qualification that qualifies for points towards an application for a Skilled Migrant Visa.
  • It lasts for at least one full academic year and you are taking part in an approved tertiary exchange scheme.

Full-Time work rights

You may work full-time during all vacations scheduled by your education provider, if you are undertaking a full-time program of study of at least one academic year’s duration. An Academic year means a program of study of a minimum of 120 credits during a period of at least eight months, that is, a minimum of two semesters.

If your full-time program of study has a duration of at least eight months, and is a minimum of two semesters, but is less than 120 credits, you can work full-time over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. You do not have to have a job Offer.

With your Application for a student visa,you must provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself throughout your stay in NewZealand.

The Funds you must have depends on the length of your program of study.

  • If your program is shorter than 36 weeks(about nine months), you require NZ$ 1,250 per month of study.
  • If your program of study is longer than 36 months,you require NZ$15,000 for each year of study.
  • If you have pre-paid any living expenses, this amount can be deducted from the funds requirement.For example,if you have prepaid NZ$5000 for your accommodation you only need to show $NZ 10,000.